Sequence the microbiome within any sample

Get high quality sequence data. Fast.


Wright Labs is happy to announce simplified ordering for all available core services.

Obtain high quality targeted amplicon sequence data from any environmental DNA sample.

Microbiome Sequencing Core Services
from 70.00

Includes targeted PCR amplification, quality control, purification, and high throughput sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq platform.

Target Gene:
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Available Gene Targets

  • 16S rRNA sequencing -- Bacterial Community Profiling
  • 18S rRNA sequencing -- Eukaryotic Community Profiling
  • ITS seqencining -- Fungal Community Profiling


Price List

  • DNA Extraction -- $20.00 per sample
  • 16S PCR Amplification -- $65.00 per sample
  • ITS PCR Amplification -- $75.00 per sample
  • 18S PCR Amplification -- $75.00 per sample

All amplification fees include one round of troubleshooting, and complementary library filtering and Illumina sequencing.


At Wright Labs, we strive to return your high quality sequence data is the fastest turn around time possible. If you have any questions regarding or core services, contact us.